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St John the Baptist, Staveley
Since before the Domesday Book, there has been a church on this site.   The present building, dedicated to St John the Baptist, was begun in the twelfth century, and remodelled a number ot times in succeeding centuries, culminating in a... MORE
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Dating from the mid 12th century, All Saints has been restored twice - both in 1830 and again in 1880 when it was also reconsecrated.  J.L. Pearson who was in charge of the 1880 restoration kept as much of the Norman character as possible and... MORE
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St Peter, Stonebroom
For most of its history, Stonebroom was just a tiny hamlet with no church of its own- for centuries, the people of Stonebroom had to walk to either Shirland or Morton. In 1864 Father J.W. Maltby became Rector of Morton, and a year later the No. 5... MORE
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Interior, St Martin, Stoney Middleton
Saint Martins Church, Stoney Middleton, is unique in Derbyshire for its nave of octagonal shape. The church was originally built in the early 15th century, by Joan Eyre of Padley in thanksgiving for the safe return from the Battle of Agincourt of... MORE
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