Clowne, St. John the Baptist

Clowne, St. John the Baptist

St. John the Baptist - Clowne Parish Church was built in 1138. Originally a monastic foundation, situated adjacent to the Ridgeway route from Mansfield to Worksop Priory, it provided comfort and shelter to many travellers. At first dedicated as All Saints, the Church was rededicated as St. John the Baptist. 

The tower was added in the 15th century and bells installed in 1591, 1616 and 1812. The limestone fabric and slate roof make the Church a most attractive, and popular venue, particularly for weddings, baptisms and due to the generations of Clowne people who have worshipped at St. John's, the Church is entrusted with many funerals and offers solace to the bereaved.

The Church was extended during 1955 to generate additional space for the Sanctuary, Choir stalls and Organ. Also at this time two side Chapels were created, one as a Children’s Chapel the other a Miners Chapel in memory of the 80 local miners who lost their lives in the Creswell Colliery Disaster in September 1950. The significance of the event is featured on the stain glass windows within the Chapel. There are also two paintings by Jean Baptiste Butatte - The Ten Commandments and The Ascension.



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