Old Whittington, St Bartholomew

Old Whittington, St Bartholomew

The first church on this site was erected in 1140.  After undergoing many alterations. It was demolished in 1863 in favour of a new church on the present site.  Two scotch pines were planted to mark the place of the old church, which are still visible at the front of the present church.  This second church was destroyed by fire on 29th January 1895 and was restored by public subscription and reopened in Septermber 1896.

The beautiful stained glass windows are a main feature of the church along with the bells which are heard every Sunday morning, Friday evenings and on special occasions.

The organ was built in London and installed in 1896.

A short walk from the church is the Revolution House where in the year 1688 plans were drawn up which led to the dethronement of James II and began the reign of William of Orange.


North Aisle, Old Whittington
Interior, Old Whittington


Visit requires prior arrangement
Place for quiet reflection


Stained Glass
Architectural Features

Church Street North
Old Whittington
S41 9QP

Revd Jo Morris (Rector)
or 01246 450651 / revjomorris@gmail.com or Joanna Moffatt (Parish Safeguarding Link) 01246 268150

Open times:

Sunday: 10am - 12pm (for service)

Wednesday: 9.15am - 10.15am (for service)

It is normally possible to park near to the lych gate.  The side door gives level access to the church.