Repton, St Wystan

Repton, St Wystan

Repton is the cradle of Christianity in the Midlands. Christians have worshipped on this site since 653AD when Christianity was introduced into the Royal household of the Kingdom of Mercia whose capital was Repton. The Crypt, dating from the first half of the 8th Century is of exceptional interest. It may have been a baptistery, was then a Royal Mausoleum and later a place of pilgrimage to St Wystan. It is one of the oldest and most important examples of Anglo-Saxon architecture to survive intact. Sir John Betjeman described it as 'holy air encased in stone' and to this day it remains a place where people can offer prayers.

For further historical and architectural information about St Wystan's and Repton do visit our website. Here you will also find details of our community involvement, services, groups and other areas of mission and ministry we are involved in as we seek to be the living presence of Christ.

Please note that the church is wheelchair accessible, but there are steep, uneven steps down to the crypt.  The church does not have a car park, but there is parking nearby.

Group visits are very welcome but prior arrangement is advised.

Staircase to Crypt
East Interior, St Wystan, Repton
North Interior, St Wystan, Repton
Transcept, St Wystan, Repton


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