Temple Normanton, St James

Temple Normanton, St James

This is the third, possibly the fourth, church on this site that dates back at least to the 15th century.

The present building replaced a “temporary” wooden church erected in 1923 and demolished in 1983. Prior to that a stone church was built in 1883, and prior to that a small chapel existed on the site in 1623.  Before that is believed a chapel existed as far back as the 15th century.

The unusual design was chosen to withstand strong winds which buffet this this ridge and to cope with mining subsidence that the area suffers. It was consecrated in 1886. It is a small building, with low maintenance costs, built from fibreglass and is strong enough to withstand the harshest climate.

The interior is capable of multi-purpose use. Indeed as there is only a small primary school in the parish and no other public building, it is used by groups for meetings, as well as worship. 


Visit requires prior arrangement
Car park
Place for quiet reflection


Architectural Features
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Church Lane
Temple Normanton
S42 5DB

Mrs Barbara Marshall or Mr Stephen Wright (Wardens)
barbara.anne.marshall@gmail.com / moorfields@hotmail.co.uk

Open times:

To obtain entry you may do so during service times (Sunday 11.30am, Thursday 7.15pm) or by prior arrangement contacting the Vicar.