Trusley, All Saints

Trusley, All Saints

All Saints Church, Trusley is one of Derbyshires little gems.  Built in 1713 in local brick, it sits at the heart of one of the first four Conservation Areas to be designated in Derbyshire in 1969, a recognition of the importance of its character as an unspoilt example of a Derbyshire village, largely unchanged for (then) 150 years. 

Inside there is plenty to justify an enthusiasts time- the original three decker pulpit and box pews all carefully numbered, and with appropriate gradations in size, design, and door furniture.  Behind the pulpit can be seen a good example of a maidens garland; the name of the girl at whose funeral it was carried in 1757 was recorded, and her gravestone can be found against the east wall.

No trace remains of the fabric of the preceding church (it may well have been a half-timbered structure).  The church also contains the pre-Union Royal Arms of Queen Anne, three inscribed ledger slabs now mounted on the south side of the chancel and the late 15th century bell, which were all transferred from the earlier church.  The bulk of the memorials erected since 1713 are to members of the Coke family, Squires of Trusley for 800 years, mainly taking the form of hatchments commemorating the armorial achievements of family members, a series which is unrivalled in the county. 

Trusley church therefore offers something for the architectural detective, the heraldic enthusiast, the amateur tourist who simply wants to see how we worshipped 300 years ago, or the traveller who wants a quiet bench in the sunshine to eat his lunchtime sandwiches whilst relaxing in the countryside calm, or who like so many before him, just wishes to listen to the voice of God in the undisturbed stillness of an English country church.

Please note that car parking is readily available on the road near the church.


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